• Donna Falco

Buddy, Dorgie

Updated: Jun 26, 2020

I'm thrilled that this piece won first prize at the Lake Zurich Expo! It was a little unnerving to see it on display, but fun to overhear people's comments when they realized it wasn't painted.

Buddy is a Dorgie (dachshund-corgi mix) who was picked up as a puppy from a shelter because of his sad face. As an adult, he is the cool kid who is very selective about who he lets into his club. He is stubborn, intelligent, and unfaltering loyal to his person. I love this photo because it exudes joy, he is obviously loving the person snapping the photo.

This is my second collage and I was completely in the zone, completing him over a long weekend.

Here are the Easter Eggs to search for:

2 wishes

6 curly cues

books on a shelf

group of men

kids facing a chalkboard



music note

smiley face


woman praying

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